5 Aug

PROG 25: King of the World

Script: Steve Moore

Art: Blasquez

Letters:  Tom Frame

Plot:  On the ‘Giant Planet’ Jalez the mighty Red-headed Warrior Vikar leads the Reds to violent triumph over the Black-haired Warriors.

Shock : The final page reveals the humanoid Reds and Blacks to have been two sides in an Ant-child’s pet-creature menagerie. The Ant-mother tut-tuts while the Ant-Children say watching the creatures is fascinating.

Thoughts: From tiny acorns and all that…. Pat Mills makes a rare appearance as hero-archetype as the flame-haired blood-lusting leader in this inaugural Future Shock.  The artwork from the mysterious ‘Blazquez’ sings of the studio tradition that brought us Redondo et al. The initial two pages depicting the fight are in early 2000AD colour and are subsequently a bit garish but the final B&W shock page is a lovely full page ‘domestic scene’ with lots of fun playing with the ‘Ants-at-home’ setting.  The backgrounds to Jalez are a bit termite-hill looking so foreshadow the shock a tad.

Shock’d? Not really. Bit of a  ‘he opens the door and a pig eats him’ disconnect between the first two and final pages.


One Response to “FS 1: ANT-ICIPATE THE SHOCK!”


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    […] something from the very, very first Future Shock back in 2000AD prog 25: King Of The World: Script by Steve Moore, art by Blasquez and what they had to say under the […]

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