5 Aug


Script: Steve Moore

Art: Horacio Lalia

Letters: Jack Potter

Plot: An Atlantic Trawler is out catching fish when it’s inhabitants are teleported aboard an alien UFO

Shock : Just as the fishermen had viewed the fish as ‘brain food’ so to the aliens view the captain and his crew; munching down on them like tasty fish. 

Thoughts: Steve Moore follows up the first ever Future Shock with this second tale the very next prog, managing to be even less shocking and far more of a Terror Tale before its time. The story is notable for presenting both the twist (human fishermen are in turn alien ‘brain food’ as fish are to us) and the biggest dramatic moment – the abduction of the crew – on the first page. Everything plays out from there in a very straight forward fashion. Lalia, a key artist on the companion title Starlord, gives good squid-like aliens but is guilty of being a bit dull on the teleporters – which look exactly like they come from the Starship Enterprise. The most shocking thing about the tale is that it is one-and done in 10 panels – 2000AD as efficient as ever in telling a story.

Shock’d? Seeing as the twist and the enemy are both flagged  from the off the whole story runs a very predictable course. The impact of the ‘terror’ ending is also diminished by being restricted to a half-page which hinders its visual impact.


One Response to “FS 2: TRAWLING.”

  1. tim toldrum February 1, 2012 at 3:37 am #

    Hey, what about humour? This Future Shock is, like many others, very funny, both visually and in the dialogue and fine details of the story, lettering, phraseology, you name it! Most of tjhe Future Shocks were tongue-in-cheek and had a humorous aspect to them. This one is ridiculous, and funny because it is, and looks, ridiculous. You can imagine what a laugh they had creating it. And hey, can you please enhance this wonderful site by posting a picture of Spa Tront and Squa Fon reflecting on the importance of good nutrition whilst eating the trawlermen’s brains?

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