8 Aug

After having examined the first ten of these magnificent beasts a few stats and considerations.

Horacio Laila has been the most prolific artist with 3 strips.

Continental Artists dominate the art chores at this juncture with 7 strips . Future Shocks would go on to be the breeding ground for new domestic talent but at this time they are pure and simply stories for pleasure.

Steve Moore and Peter Harris share the official accreditation for most scripts (2 each) though it is likely Harris was also responsible for  the uncredited A Promised Land!

Kev O’Neil is the first person to pick up a pay-check for both script and art duties on the same strip.

In terms of settings 6 have been pure futuristic Sci-Fi, 2 have been contemporary world Sci-Fi and 2 have been that interface between Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

Mankind has been the most frequent ‘bad guy’ – being behind genocide against the galaxy (Beautiful World) with a destructive warlike nature (King of the World) while thoughtlessly killing sentient beings (Food for Thought) and being horrible to our own species (A Promised Land! and Excursion). Aliens have only really had it in for us three times (Food for Thought, Wings and Fangs)

To pick a top 3 from these first batch isn’t hard:

1) Prog 31 – A Promised Land!  (unknown (likely Peter Harris) / Horacio Lalia) – due to its excellent dialogue and art and the classic 2000AD touch of a thoroughly malign central character

2) Prog 27 – First Contact  (Alan Hebden / Medraho) – the first really great Future Shock and the execution of a classic Sci-Fi idea

3) Prog 34 – Fangs (Chris Lowder / Carlos Ezquerra) – for Ezquerra’s turning in a top-notch comedy piece.

and an honourable mention to Prog 29’s Just Like Home for the finest panel to appear so far – Ron Turner’s beautifully miserable human-‘zombie’-sasquatch-horses:


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